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For years, successfully operating and developing city information network "Citadel", bringing together organizations and private users located in the Big Yalta. The purpose of a network was to create not only a group of interconnected computers, and the information of the whole community of people who live in your favorite resort town.


    Ltd. "The Citadel-Crimea" is the largest provider of city information network on the South Coast. The entire staff of the company is a high-level professionals with experience in the specialty. We use only original equipment and supplies from leading manufacturers. All equipment is certified and quality. Installation of cable lines and installation of transit equipment is in accordance with international standards that ensure quality and safety of operation. All software used by us, has the GPL or BSD. Also, our specialists develop and improve their own software for different applications.


    Our company operates under a license AB в„– 500817 issued by the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine. Ltd. "Citadel Crimea" adhere to international standards in the field of telecommunications and worked in its equipment and cable products with high quality and compliance certificates to ensure compliance with the technical and sanitary standards in Ukraine. In addition, we are implementing a number of social projects designed to improve the status of the city, and improve the quality of life of our citizens. We are happy to do it for you!