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Web Hosting

About Hostbasket

Hostbasket is the hosting and cloud computing offer of Telenet.

In our experience, using software and IT applications over the Internet offers you, as a customer, a competitive advantage. You always have the latest software and technology at your disposal at a low, predictable price.

We aim to provide you with high-quality products and services, combined with excellent support. At Hostbasket we have therefore defined 4 core values that reflect our company and its people:  Expertise , Flexibility ,  Reliability  and  Innovation .




If you have questions regarding a product or if you prefer to place your order by phone...

+32 9 326 90 95


If you are already a customer, and need technical support...

+32 9 326 90 94


If you are already a customer, and have questions about your bill...

+32 9 326 90 92