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All our servers are housed at the choice in Frankfurt (Germany) or St. Louis (USA). The data processing center in Frankfurt is among the most modern in the world and is able to meet even the strict security requirements of the major European banks. The data processing center of San Luis Datotel enjoys a fully redundant topology, with continuous monitoring of all functions and systematic protection of servers from access by unauthorized persons. All servers are installed in an ultra environment and protected from dust, moisture, and fire fighting water. Systems special door lock, a video surveillance system and a security service and ensure proper monitoring and effective protection against theft exhaustive 24 hours a day.


Air conditioning

The air conditioning system of the data processing center is based on the principle of N +1 redundancy to full load. All modules have an air conditioning compressor in standby mode and are fed alternately via a redundant climate circuit (A and B). Each circuit is equipped with a pump and a pump on standby. To operate the data processing center at full capacity, it is required only 75% of the available cooling capacity.



Electricity supply is ongoing work of an ingenious concept of redundancy with multiple suppliers and multiple power cables cross roads. If it is however cut once the current, a current source ensures interruption-proof feeding all relevant components to the operation of the emergency generator. For stability reasons are several installed emergency generators.


• Capacity: 36 hours at full load

• during operation Repostables

• Possibility of hiring a refueling 24/7 in 180 minutes



The data processing center is occupied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for security and surveillance service. A video surveillance system for high power outdoor facilities, access areas and facilities inside prevents the presence of unauthorized persons in restricted access areas.


Specific access controls

A photo identification system, biometric readers and card systems for all interior doors provide access to the data processing center to authorized personnel only. The comprehensive security system data processing center is completed by an entry lock equipped with safety glass and steel walls in the entry and exit.


Fire protection

An alarm system as well as two levels of fire protection system of three levels guarantee operation also in case of fire. The early warning system aspirating smoke and decentralized automatic termination unit (Marioff Hi-Fog System) that prevents timely vital systems data processing center and serverloft hardware being damaged in a fire.