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WWW.COM.AR S.A. is a dynamic company that provides services and developments and to Internet. Currently offers services including web hosting, domain registration, dedicated servers, mail and personalized services.


WWW.COM.AR S.A. has a presence on the web since 2000. Emerged as an innovative venture that allowed customization of e-mail addresses to Internet users. Thus, he became the first Latin American company to email addresses - or e-mail accounts and custom-free rate or


Keeping the spirit of innovation that goes from the beginning, WWW.COM.AR SA began to add to the custom mails developed new products and services to its customers and to meet new needs that emerged with the advancement of technology. So, we included offers like free internet access, broadband via cable modem, Domain Registration national and international Web Hosting (Hosting), Search Engine Submission, Meta Tags Services, IP Telephony and Advertising in search engines such as Google ™, Yahoo ! ™, Bing ™, MSN ™ and AltaVista ™, etc.. In 2008 WWW.COM.AR S.A. becomes an equity partner and co-founder of Neositios SA, a company dedicated to providing solutions in the area of ​​Internet services and currently has more than 90,000 registered users, distributed mainly in Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Spain.


HoyWWW.COM.AR S.A. is one of the company based in Argentina concerning the sector, manages more than 10,000 Internet domain names, more than 100 online advertising accounts in countries like Argentina, Spain, USA, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, etc., and has 70,000 customers free personalized mail among many other achievements.


WWW.COM.AR S.A. constantly renews its commitment to continue to the forefront of technology with a proactive and innovative, so we keep adding knowledge, providing support, structure and experience to our respected users and expect to continue growing at its par.


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Dr. A. Alsina 424, 5th Floor B

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

C.P. C1087AAF


Te. +54 (0) 11 5219-1220