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dmiral Online is the leading real estate internet service provider, providing cutting-edge communications solutions and truly exceptional customer service in the digital economy. Admiral Online currently provides service to thousands of businesses across the nation. From hosting to online travel services to web-based GPS tracking, the Admiral Online websites handle 2 million page views and 300,000 unique visitors per month. Admiral Online was established in 1994. The company has never been traded on Nasdaq and nor capitalized by venture funds. Admiral Online operates on a decidedly old economy business model, focusing on reasonable revenue growth, not to come at the expense of customers' service nor profitability or cash flow. The principle is to invest in key internet technology and infrastructure before maximizing profits.

Collaboration is a key Admiral Online behavior. We work with our clients, not just for them; side-by-side, as teammates. We also form alliances with the best in the business to enhance our services and deliver scale, reliability, capacity and flexibility for clients of all sizes.

Admiral Online is a primary source for thought leadership. Developing our intellectual capital pays huge benefits for Admiral Online and our clients. We gain insight from relationships with centers of higher education, market analysts and industry and technology consortia. We also work to identify, reward and fund our own best and brightest. All together, these activities help us develop unique points of view and perspectives that can translate into new strategies, services and solutions.