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We deliver a wide range of amazing Internet services that are not only affordable, they are reliable.

HyperSurf Internet is a California based Internet Service provider that was founded in 1995. We provide a wide range of Internet services including Metro Ethernet, T3, T1, ATT Business DSL, ATT Residential DSL, VOIP, Web Hosting, Email Services and Custom Consulting. Our custom consulting services cover everything your business needs from VOIP phones to internet access as well as firewall services.


I would like to introduce you to on of our newest Internet Services. Its called Metro Ethernet and is a perfect fit for businesses that have onsite servers or have higher bandwidth needs for its employees. Metro Ethernet employs a fiber connection to your facility, so its very stable, and is terminated like a normal ethernet cable. That means you dont need to purchase any new equipment to utilize this new service.

Our support staff is very knowledgeable and can provide help with Windows, Mac, Linux and various Unix operating systems.
Cайт: http://www.hypersurf.com/
США : San Jose