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Based in Croydon, South London, ICUK is a private limited company offering advanced Internet communications for both the home and business user, whatever their needs. The company is without external investors, financial borrowing and being profitable, the company is stable and has been since its formation in November 2001. In August 2007 it merged with Red Telecommunications Ltd, and more recently in May 2011 it completed an aquisition of CIX Online Ltd.

Our product range in very broad terms consists of:

- Shared hosting and domain registration
- Dedicated servers and co-location
- ADSL broadband services
- Line rental, phone calls, SMS and fax to email
- White label / reseller solutions for hosting, broadband and telecoms
- Online conferencing (CIX)

Customers of ICUK can take advantage of our world class technical support with emails answered in minutes and telephone calls answered in seconds. Through the automation of a control panel, all hosting, Internet and telecom customers can configure their plan at any time or day or night, without the need to 'submit requests' for an operations engineer to action the request for them, allowing us to concentrate on improving the service further and focusing on new projects.

We are constantly seeking feedback on ways on improving the service and products that are on offer to customers. If you have any feedback on the products or service that we list on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us to voice your opinion.
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